Myoukochou (pronounced: myo-ko-cho) is a Twitch VTuber who games a bit and makes music sometimes. She’s an English auntie in her 40s, releases music under Rowan Recordings, and handles the music commissions.

She produces in a wider variety of styles than her RL alter-ego, and is a longstanding member of Lord Aethelstan’s ‘Castle Band’ — just one among several musicians in a freewheeling loose collaboration, contributing elements towards VTuber lore videos, album releases — and just for fun.

Her Auras & Ambience series are lower-effort background music designed for things like D&D tabletop campaigns, as she got back into music after a long break by creating live music to accompany a campaign she was DMing (that album was released by Alyssa Rowan, and is called Aya)! Lots of the Auras & Ambience stuff would otherwise go in the ‘dumpbox’, so it isn’t always as high-quality or high-energy (but Butterfly Part 1 seems to be quite popular anyway).



Lord Aethelstan & Myoukochou (feat. Venus Variation) — Fear Not (Myoukochou Remix) [2022]
Myoukochou — Sanguine Sonata Session [2022]
Myoukochou — Auras & Ambience, Volume 1 [2021]
Myoukochou — Chrysalis [2021]