Rowan Recordings

tiny English self-publishing cottage-recorded independent record label. We mostly do electronic music, primarily background/​ambient music, but also dance music, orchestral works, and a variety of other styles when the mood takes us.

All of our published music is stream-safe — yes, you can play it on Twitch and YouTube without getting strikes! That’s okay, in fact, we encourage it! We prefer you to say who made it or show or link the artist/title (if you can in a practical way, like with a now-playing widget), but we don’t insist.

(If you’re looking for lots of other stream-safe music, try Pretzel Rocks, they’re pretty good.)


Commissions are currently OPEN. Some music we create and publish for ourselves; others are exclusive, custom-made commissioned work for clients — including several VTubers! We do stream-safe background music (BGM), SFX, stings, and ‘starting soon’ and suchlike. Prices are way more affordable than you think. See our Commissions page for full details!

New Releases

Lord Aethelstan & Myoukochou (feat. Venus Variation) — Fear Not (Myoukochou Remix)


Alyssa Rowan