Alyssa Rowan


Alyssa Kimberley Rowan is a 43-year-old woman from the Midlands of England. She’s been making music for decades, with a history of chiptune, tracker, demoscene and dance music in the ’90s and 2000s under other names, but took a very long break.

She started to release music again and self-publish under the label Rowan Recordings with her December 2019 debut album, Aya — a compilation of tracks produced as live background music for a D&D campaign she had just finished DMing.

She followed that up with her 2020 album, Split Infinity (inspired by an exploration expedition, Distant Worlds 2 in the space simulation game Elite: Dangerous).

In direct contrast to her older work, which is not released under this label, and work released under other names, the music released under her own name tends to be ambient electronica; at least downtempo, and often beatless or free tempo, painting introspective soundscapes — but not always calm ones. Her style here is often described as ‘spacey’, with clustered chords, arpeggiation, and iterative repetition: she’s been compared to ‘Philip Glass meets Jean-Michel Jarre’, but feels that’s a very generous comparison!

For professional reasons, she does not post much under her own name.

She is gradually working towards her third album, Somnus.



Alyssa Rowan — Nyx [2020]
Alyssa Rowan — Split Infinity [2020]
Alyssa Rowan — Inertial Reference Frame [2020]
Alyssa Rowan — Aya [2019]