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For examples of my released work, please see Alyssa Rowan and Myoukochou. This page has excerpts of some of my previously commissioned work and previous clients. See my terms for details.

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All material on this page is © 2021–2022 Rowan Recordings, All Rights Reserved. These track excerpts are commissioned work, presented here for portfolio use only. They are watermarked. Only the commissioners, and those they allow, have the right to use these compositions anywhere else. Please do not distribute these files. Thanks.

Client: Pepsii Love (2022)

Myoukochou — V8 Tumbleweed (Prairie Moonlight Mix) [Commissioned Work for Pepsii Love]
Myoukochou — V8 Tumbleweed [Commissioned Work for Pepsii Love]

Client: Pepsii Love

Brief: That chill wave western sound. Like something from Wild Arms.

It was great fun to work with Pepsii, even though “Western” is kind of out of my comfort zone! I sampled both my whistling and our bass guitar, Karliah, for this one, so the little ‘knocks’ and slides are real. The ‘chill wave’ part of the brief took a back seat when we started developing it, in favour of a cheesily stereotypical Western feel, but I made a little extra-chill ‘Prairie Moonlight Mix’ for funsies that she could use for a BRB screen or something, too. (She came back later for some themed alerts and I was more than happy to oblige!)

Client: Kenori Kokkino (2021)

Myoukochou — Adventure of an Aardwolf [Commissioned Work for Kenori Kokkino]

Client: Kenori Kokkino

Brief: Adventurous; outdoors adventure vibes; a bit active and reminding of a wide-open field/plains; open and warm; a little piratey, RPG field music

And of course, I immediately thought: clave time! That kind of unbalanced rhythm is always going on an adventure somewhere, and with mandolin, flamenco-style rhythm guitar, flute, accordion and fiddle, and a lot of back and forth testing out ideas, we built a sort of bardic adventure music (with a sort of organic slap bass!).

Client: Aki Aerum / Aieah (2021)

Myoukochou — A Nest for Lost Souls [Commissioned Work for Aki Aerum]

Client: Aki Aerum

Brief: Restful, fluffy and kind, would like a little cello

We ended up with a felt piano piece in a lulling, restful 3/4 time with some cello in the background, to suit her really calming streams.